Campaign Associate

Employer: Work For Progress
Job Location: Multiple locations, CO
Employment Type: Full Time
Compensation: based on $23,750 annual salary
Start Date: Immediately
Job Category: Election Work
Experience: 0-2 Years
Posting Status: Closed
Posting Opened: Aug 21, 2012
Posting Closes: Oct 12, 2012


Campaign to Keep the White House

Work for Progress is working with Fair Share and Fair Share Action to educate voters in key battleground states on important social issues and to re-elect President Obama. This is an important election and winning these battleground states will be the key to an Obama victory. To meet our goals, we have to talk to hundreds of thousands of voters about what is at stake--- and then make sure they vote!

As a Campaign Associate, you'll be a part of the fight to keep the White House, re-elect President Obama, and ensure that our values are protected in Washington.

Work for Progress:

Work for Progress was started by a group of committed activists in 2008, to help activist-minded jobseekers connect with progressive campaigns and organizations. In the excitement of the presidential primaries, it became clear to us that individuals who wanted to engage in the political process needed one place to find jobs with progressive campaigns and organizations.

Fair Share and Fair Share Action:

Fair Share works to provide every American with a fair shot at a good job, a secure future and a strong voice in our democracy. But powerful entrenched interests are gaming the system to their benefit while denying everyone else a fair shot. We need to stand up to the 1% and their allies in Congress that block progress at every turn. Through door-to-door canvassing and grassroots lobbying we press local and national government to do its job and defend working families against the privileged and the powerful. Fair Share Action was established by Fair Share to serve as an independent voice for the middle class in this election.

Campaign to Keep the White House:

With less than 3 months left until Election Day, we have a small window of opportunity to make a big difference in the future direction of our country. In the face of an economic disaster created by the previous Administration, President Obama has moved the nation toward recovery -- with economic stimulus, Wall Street reform, saving the auto industry, consumer financial protection and more. A Romney/Ryan Presidency would turn the clock back on these gains and jeopardize the security of the middle class. You can still join our fight to Keep the White House.


* Contact likely voters who are still undecided, educate them about the candidates' positions on key issues, and persuade them to vote for President Obama.

* Identify progressive voters to get involved as members and volunteers.

*Mobilize voters to run a get-out-the-vote campaign


Your primary responsibility is to work with the National and Regional Campaign Directors to plan and execute the Campaign to Keep the White House.  To do so, you will:

*Work with national leadership in key battleground states doing voter outreach and contact.

*  Land in a district in one of the key battleground states and work around the clock to win the votes of that district on Election Day.

*Manage the logistics and administration of the local campaign office. Exercise good judgment and model it for others in oversight of office and interactions with voters.

*Work with campaign staff in the office and in the field to contact hundreds of voters each week (Campaign Associates are expected to canvass a minimum of 6 days/week).


*We are looking for people who want to make a difference and are committed to social change.

* Previous campaign or canvass experience is preferred but not required.

*Ability to work in a team is a must.

*Candidates must be able to work through the end of the campaign (November 9, 2012).

*Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is required.

*Stamina. Ability to work usual campaign hours: 80-100 hours per week.

Salary & Benefits

*Compensation based on an annual salary of $23,750.

*For Campaign Associates in the continental U.S. who commit to 4 weeks or more on the campaign, WFP pays for travel costs in full; for 3-4 week commitment, WFP pays for travel costs for return trip only; for less than 3 week commitment, Campaign Associate pays own travel costs.  

*Opportunities for year-round employment and benefits following the campaign.

Paid for by Fair Share Action and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.  Contact Fair Share Action at: